Thursday, December 9, 2010

Halloween and Sadie's Birthday

I am finally updating our blog. Somehow life seems to have gotten busier for me since Matt lost his job. Thankfully we bought the kids costumes before Matt was out of work. Trying to go trick-or-treating on Halloween night proved very interesting. There was about a half hour break in the rain. Matt and the kids made a mad dash for the houses. I was surprised how much candy they got for only being out that amount of time. Back at the house, we only had one person come trick-or-treating. If Halloween has a particular feel to it, this one had it.

All of our babies for their first Halloween, are pumpkins.

 Caleb loves Toy Story. When he saw this Woody costume, he was sold. 

Ethan has been into super hero's lately. He had a hard time deciding between Spiderman and Venom. He finally decided he wanted to be bad. So Venom it was.

Rachel is all about princesses. She had a dozen princess costumes to chose from. She chose Princess Peach.

It was a good Halloween.

Sadie had her first birthday on November 4th. It is hard to believe she is a year old already, and I am not pregnant again. This is the longest period of time since having Rachel, that I have not been pregnant. I have not been more thankful for that. I am to old for that now. Any way, daddy put her very own little cake in front of her.

She was so funny. She didn't know what to think about it.

Then she decided to pick off one of the dots.

Then she tried picking her cake up.

Yay, she finally got the hang of it.

Everyone had fun.

Happy Birthday baby girl!

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  1. Sadie is just too adorable! I love how she got her own little cake. So sweet. :)